Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is. If you’re in the market to by a premium property, you can do it today using Ethereum,
Bitcoin or NEO for part or all of that purchase.

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Yes, we’re working on a smart contract that’ll include all the key stages in the property purchase. You can read more about our long term vision here

All properties for sale on the digiassets platform will be listed at their local currency.

We take our anti money laundering responsibilities very seriously. Not only do we have our own KYC Specialist, but we also ensure that every step of our buying process is compliant with your bank’s AML requirements. We have a team of lawyers who oversee all transactions.

Yes you can. It’s possible to pay your deposit with digiassets using cryptocurrency and arrange a mortgage with your bank. As with all property purchases though, it’s a good idea to have your finances sorted before committing.

As the transaction is on blockchain, it’s inherently secure, and cannot be forged. Each transaction uses a separate password with private keys in cold storage. We provide you with a time-sensitive link to make the payment and require passport authentication before you can proceed.

An Ethereum transaction will, on average, take between 30-60 minutes for full consensus. However for a small additional transaction fee, miners will generally be able to mine the transaction within a couple of minutes.